The community calls

For the last year and a half I was involved in building something different. A community here in Scotland where I live. I had a lot of doubts at first, whether I can do it, or why me. In the end the founder got me in and since it has grown to something fantastic. We are active both on sports front and on charitable front. We’ve made lots of new friends and integrated better into our rural community. We are just a step away from incorporating ourselves.

It was and is a fantastic experience of building a community from ground up. One I would not exchange for anything else.

Thank you FCA Association and all the wonderful people involved in creating it!

Back in late 2021 five of our founders couldn’t find many sports activities for Poles in Falkirk, Bathgate and Whitburn area. They felt a bit depressed, some had addiction history. To not fall into bad habits, they decided to start a football group. It was a stunning success, given that it offered not only sports, but also socialising. People made friends, families met.

Today we are an active, primarily football group, which has about 300 members. We have three football trainings a week and two teams in Soccersixes Sunday league in Falkirk. Many of us found new friends. We are planning for a hiking, DIY, chess and women football section. We have done a lot of charity and socialising events. Through our group we have also integrated with locals and this tremendously helped removing the feeling of loneliness and removed cultural barriers. In some cases helped in finding better jobs.
We are open for anyone to join.

For more:

Or email one of our chairman’s via our website.

Also kudos to Kate Fit Design for all of our graphics!

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