Playing with wordpress

I’ve been using WordPress since at least 2009. It was my tool of choice for many company websites (some of them no longer around, one of them still there, like: Mainly because it was kind of a standard on the market. In between I’ve also been playing with a nice and neat French CMS called spip. Spip was excellent with it’s multi-language support back then.

Times have changed, though I am still being occasionally called in to help on WordPress. Especially to those of my friends who made a massive mistake of installing multiple plugins and then got baited into clicking ‘update WordPress’. I might say I did a massive amount of manual DB migrations :).

This weekend though, I was helping my wife to go live with her site. I decided on WordPress again. A ready to use template and the site is ready to go in about 2 days. Note there was a lot of things I had to rip out of the template, though managed to keep the site on vanilla WordPress. A BIG WIN!

You can find the site on Here is how it looks at the moment:


I also learned two interesting things.

First, I had a requirement for the site to open correctly on mobile devices. As a massive fan of more just-text-based internet it’s usually not a massive challenge for me. Albeit the world works differently for designers :). Also for motion artists / designers. And my wife.

This is how I have discovered a wonderful CSS feature called @media only screen. You can put something like below into your css and most of the things will scale automatically (assuming your website is simple enough).

@media only screen and (min-device-width: 320px) and (max-device-width: 680px)
.site-main {

    width: 320px;

Neat! Being mostly a backend engineer I never cared much about the display. Now I can shout TIL!

Secondly, I needed to verify this. And chrome came to my rescue. It has a fantastic emulation tool. See below:

source: author

Now the selection of mobile devices is excellent! I have also verified this on all the home mobiles and tablets. Worked like a charm.

If you are thinking on whether you really like to play with FE code and build your site yourself, I’d say don’t. Just use things that just-work. They might be boring tech, but save you sooo much time!

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