Deep in my soul, where daemons prowl and crawl, Fainting throb, a sunlight’s fallen thrall. A smithered lad, who once so proudly stood, Over his head, a sturdy, blackened hood. Deep in my soul, few tonnes of ageing haul, And specimens, of bitter, younger molls. Somewhere above, a bluer, lighter good, Floating among them ‘would’ and ‘maybe’ and ‘could’. A nightingale song, deep in my … Continue reading Regret

The well of fortune

Ever felt that struggle to make ends meet? That’s how I feel, when thinking on finances. Darkness within a bottomless pit, There is a well and a stone in it. The stone that once beat a healthier beat, Now striped of it’s warmer emit. Old rope tightly trained across the edge, Two sparrows wrongdoings hither allege. Does the destroyed, rotten, bloodstained wedge, Explains the detached … Continue reading The well of fortune