Chinese whispers. The game of confusion, sometimes called telephone. Origins date back to the first Commonwealth British Empire and first contacts with China. The ‘Chinese’ bit is coming from the earliest contacts between Europeans and Chinese people in the 17th century, and attribute it to Europeans’ inability to understand China’s culture and worldview. We seem to be entering the age, where this game, related to … Continue reading Whispers


Whereas we have thought fit to order a Regiment of Fencible men, to be forthwith raised under your command, which is to consist of ten companies, of 4 sergeants, 5 corporals, 2 drummers, and 95 men in each, with 2 fifers to the Grenadier Company, besides a sergeant-major and quartermaster-sergeant, together¬† with the usual commissioned officers; which men are to serve in Great Britain and … Continue reading Redcoats


Have you ever had kids? I did and I do. Theoretically most parents will tell you in one way or the other, the children may be seen by them, as a kind of a burden. And in many ways this is healthy. Parenting is no milkshake, no matter where you live. Attitude towards children and their upbringing, has changed over the years multiple times. Technically, … Continue reading Burden