Ferdinand Gorilla meets a girl – part 1

The biggest fear I ever had of starting a creative process was what if someone would laugh at my work. This was supplemented by the fear of my doings not becoming a best-seller. All topped by ‘nah’ – not worth it. Let’s not even start. I was defining my creative process as something that needs to bring you money and make you acknowledged, approved, witty … Continue reading Ferdinand Gorilla meets a girl – part 1

The suicide of a sex worker

I just recently heard creativity can get pretty close to being mad. The creative process is just an unstoppable need to express using unconventional means. Without further ado I present to you my recent creative process results. The grand testament of inclusion, Leads to a life of lonely exclusion. Laugh, eat, breathe or just remain proper? To starve or to have a warm supper? Who’s … Continue reading The suicide of a sex worker


An interesting link between Christianity and the world of The Machine. This might sound a bit geeky, occult and sect-like even. If you think about it, this is the European legacy. We rarely want to look back into polytheistic times, where even Genghis or Romans had allowed other people to keep at least scraps of their culture. And they loved ritual space (a space of … Continue reading Ignorance