AWS Proton launch

I was supposed to be working more on golang this week. However it was some very nice weather this weekend in the UK. I just spent more time outside. I’ll get back to golang later on.

While browsing through my reading list for this weekend, I got spammed by numerous announcements on AWS Proton launch. I thought to myself, this thing feels interesting enough to read a bit more on it. And write on it.

Proton is an app delivery service that provisions, deploys, and monitors microservices. With Proton, a company’s engineering team creates stacks defining an app’s architecture, infrastructure, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, and observability tool and then makes these stacks available to developers. The goal is to enable developers to build apps without having to configure, tune, and test their underlying resources.

The idea is pretty neat. If you ever had to deal with answering questions like – how do I add DB management, configure AWS gateway or whether to integrate Sentry or Airbrake. All of that takes quite a bit of time. Also writing and maintaining all of the terraform, not forgetting about standard pipeline.

Technically what Proton promises is a community-led one-stop-shop for IAC, pipelines and observability. I think it’s pretty cool! AWS has released a github project with a few sample service template definitions here.


AWS has also created a public roadmap for the service. There are quite a few issued raised around Proton already. AWS also promises third party integrations like NR, Prometheus, gitlab, etc to be made available by the end of the year.

I was also pretty shocked by the cost statement.

There is no additional charge for AWS Proton. You pay for AWS resources you create to store and run your application. There are no minimum fees and no upfront commitments.

Which would mean pretty extensive service templates … for free!

I will sure want to try Proton out and see how my team could benefit from it.

And last here is a video worthwhile to watch on Proton.

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