People ants

A reflective poem today. It was a mental health awareness day not so far ago. We are sometimes too easy to call out people on mental health issues. What if what they experience, is just the world without the filters we are so easily applying to ourselves? There is value in seeking help, at the same time there is also value in attempting to understand what I feel may mean and where it comes from. The first step is to open up about them to someone you trust. Let them sponsor your healing process and well, you might also learn some valuable things from something that you might see as disadvantageous today. Break the stigma!

Gazpacho was shocked, of the falling tree.
‘Open corral!’, he shouted ‘Let them be free!
The ants!’
Is he wholly mad? What mad idea this be?

A bit to the south Jose put a smiling face.
Job done well, axe went in smooth to the tree’s base.
Money moved swiftly to lumberjacks embrace.

Later Petunia sat on the dead tree’s trunk,
Her flowers dead, missing shadows calming bunk.
Tell me then please sir, which is a madder plea,
Shouting to save the ants, or killing a tree?

By Ferdinand Gorilla – October 2020.

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