Spirit against the machine

We live in a world, where there is less and less space for us. I mean us as in the free human spirit. We have made being disconnected first into art, then into a problem and now we resolve this with technology. Soulless technology, which only offers us further disconnection. It has been a bit of a challenge for me. I wanted to write a blog, but never knew what it would be about. I just wanted to write. Now this blog became exactly it, the mutiny, the little war against the machine. Against the world, where possessing a mobile became more important than having children. a world where watching a new online/TV series is more important than talking to your loved ones.

A while ago I have made some personal, psychological work. It ended in a very surprising place. Where completely not thinking about it, it shown a computer was blocking access to my soul. It was then maybe not a ‘wow’ moment. But it keeps on growing in me daily. This is why I write… I write to show what has become of this world, where our high aspirations for a star-trek-like world have been betrayed and replaced with a cheap soup of chemistry and technology, their only goal to sell us more.

A single beam through the rainy street,
Not from sun, but can’t without … tweet.
One bar, so I can demur the sleet,

Is all I want to get, feeling cheat.

Lonely, lost, wet, a real downer,
Oh why, that bar can’t get bolder.
Phantom sunlight just punched through blonder,
Cute, let me get an image-adder.

A single beam through the rainy street,
From sun, but I only think to tweet,
Of the image taken to bother
Other people. To get them sadder.

[By Ferdinand Gorilla – June 2019]

And treat yourself to the movie about raw materials.

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