The well of fortune

Ever felt that struggle to make ends meet? That’s how I feel, when thinking on finances.

Darkness within a bottomless pit,
There is a well and a stone in it.
The stone that once beat a healthier beat,
Now striped of it’s warmer emit.

Old rope tightly trained across the edge,
Two sparrows wrongdoings hither allege.
Does the destroyed, rotten, bloodstained wedge,
Explains the detached and broken ledge?

Darkness within a bottomless pit,
Numbed, frore boulder at the base of it.
Nothing is known, no-one will admit,
Not even the smallest, tiniest whit.

The two sparrows fled, gone, they could not cope,
This place smelling only of lost hope.
Stone at the bottom of the dark pit,
Gave out it’s last, pitiful fit.

[By Ferdinand Gorilla – June 2019]

And treat yourself to the movie below.

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