The suicide of a sex worker

I just recently heard creativity can get pretty close to being mad. The creative process is just an unstoppable need to express using unconventional means. Without further ado I present to you my recent creative process results.

The grand testament of inclusion,
Leads to a life of lonely exclusion.
Laugh, eat, breathe or just remain proper?
To starve or to have a warm supper?

Who’s telling, how to make ends meet,
In this world populated by hungry greed?
That had taken a very heavy toll,
Making them question their very soul.

Relaxed, to the earth introducted,
‘Filthy’ spirit, who’s fate was destructed.
Made it’s offspring travel the unknown,
While body was found with lust-pain shown.

[By Ferdinand Gorilla – June 2019]

And treat yourself to the movie below.

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