I was’t expecting that the new series on Netflix¬†about preppers, would get me this hooked on. I sometimes can’t get myself off, watching the screen. The series are not presenting anything spectacular, just a bunch of people preparing for some very improbable, catastrophic events. What is¬†prepping? It is a primarily American movement of individuals or groups (called survivalists or preppers) who actively prepare for emergencies, … Continue reading Prepping


We no longer need anything from each other. We are so proud of our countries development and the fact, we can be self-sustainable as human, independent ‘units’. We have even made this into ‘happiness’ marketing. No sorrow, no problem, no dependency are the major factors in establishing, whether you have met your life’s ‘success’, whether you are ‘happy’. Or rather … Whether you should be ‘successful and happy’. Continue reading Loneliness