The picture listed in the beginning of the article concentrates on the brain. Most of us still believe that autism is an illness mainly related to brain function. This is one of the misconceptions that follows multiple people with autism. It is a fact that most of our high-level functions are located in the brain. But less is known about the fact, that we have … Continue reading Autism


Warts are harmless growths on our skin. They’re caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) infections. If you can see warts, this means the virus is active. Your methylation process was for some reason fine-tuned to enable DNA responsible for the virus replication to become active. Conventional wart treatments include actinic peels, laser surgical procedure, and freezing. They do not address the HPV infection. These treatments can … Continue reading Warts


So you’d like to know which smartphones emit the most radiation? Today we’ve got a chart for that – and a little explanation for what it all means. I’ve been writing a bit on SAR, in my article Temperature. There are definitely issues related to specific SAR and phone safety. Today we would like to take an insight, on how does it look like. The … Continue reading Phone