There is a pretty well established medical fact, that temperature within human bodies vary up to 1C during 24 hours. The problem with this statement, is that the mean measurements are taken in rectum, ears, mouth or under armpit. Nobody actually knows what is the temperature change on the cellular level and how the changes affect cell’s performance. This assumption, is a bit dangerous, as … Continue reading Temperature


If you have never heard of pyrrole disorder or kryptopyrroluria or KPU, you are not alone. Highly likely, even your doctor never heard of it. Why? Pyrrole disorder, is an illness , which started being diagnosed relatively not so long ago. Before it is taught in the general medical school, some time may yet pass. The interesting part is. It was discovered among schizophrenics and … Continue reading Kryptopyrroluria


10:1, 3:1 or 1.3:1. Tens of trillions. Whichever study we decide to believe, we can’t avoid the fact, we are not just human cells. We have just started touching base on what the human body is comprised of. The most important conclusion is, we can’t survive without other microorganisms. We are grown and taught into understanding, through scarce biology lessons, that human bodies are more … Continue reading Gutlings