Things that kill us

When we think of death we mainly fear today cancer or some kind of a disease related to our blood vessels. We rarely die suddenly and unexpected. In most cases degenerative diseases, which are on the raise since 1970′ of the previous century, got us used to slow and painful dying.

We blame our diet, smoking, drinking alcohol, air pollution, lack of exercise or even drinking coffee. This is what the big adverts tell us. This is what all the media tell us. Change your diet, your body is stupid and it does not know what it is doing by expecting an increase in calorie intake. You should listen to us (dietary experts of all sorts) and eat less butter, less saturated fat, less eggs, you should start drinking fruit juice and eat as much raw vegetables and possible.

Then the guilt factor extends to blaming smokers for every single cigarette they had in their lives, especially with the look. Blaming occasional or more regular drinkers, as if they were Auschwitz commandants. People who idle their cars should be hanged, the ones who do not forcibly exercise 4h a day, should be paying extra healthcare taxes and people who drink coffee are beginning to be looked at as drug addicts.

Nobody cares the smoking (of much worse tobacco), drinking of alcohol, coffee or air pollution (not to mention lack of specific exercise regimes) were much more common in the past (before 1970), and not causing such severe health concerns. The key is, someone had found a cause to eliminate, to make you happier and better. Is this correct?

With all of the new degenerative diseases one is sure. We are loosing zest, we are loosing energy to live and while our bodies try to compensate by lowering our energy levels to fight the long-term infections, we learn to call this depression, or bipolar disorder, or chronic fatigue syndromes. And to treat it with drugs.

Something has changed, this is for sure. While smoking, drinking or not moving your muscles is not too good for ya, there must be something else. Do you really think obesity kills people? Obesity is to me just a reaction to something the body needs to deal with. And the body feels – I am increasing calorie and microelements intake, things are not improving, I need more. For some reason I am loosing the ability to convert all that into a healthy power, boosting our vitality. I can’t! I have even switched off all the need to move or perform any thinking activities, like higher brain functions, it is still not helping. Something is wrong. All I know is to ask for more and stop the body from wasting the small energy reserves we have. I even switch off our immune system, causing a lot of bacteria, shepherded up until now, to go nuts like teenagers home alone.

There are other factors that take our zest away. Our will to live. Switch our bodies from thrive to survive mode. New factors. Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, extensive eating were always there as unhealthy way of dealing with other problems. The lack of zest is only making things worse. Without addressing these other factors, the old school ones will never get properly resolved.

We all feel it to some extent. We are not even close to being fit and vital as our grandparents were. Hell, we don’t even have proper immune reactions anymore. We concentrate on what the media tell us though. You have to force yourself to change. They don’t tell us why, just go and do what we tell you, things will get better. They don’t always do. It is not your fault you can’t keep these strict regimes. The fault is what is undercover, what you don’t really think about.

Setting aside all of the mainstream health factors, there are hundreds of factors, if addressed, that can improve your life significantly, even if you won’t drop drinking or you won’t immediately start working out, or you won’t change your fat diet, or you won’t immediately stop smoking.

Of the new things impacting your body, making it go crazy, the most harmful are artificial electromagnetic fields. Low frequency fields came first. Introduction of electricity and it’s technological children, is coming in line with the overall issues with the heart and blood flow. Starting from the low frequencies. Do you really think there is no impact to your heart rhythm coming from the fact you are surrounded by artificial, unnatural fields? You are very naive then. They oscillate close to your heartbeat rate, their harmonics can interfere with it as well and changes in that electric current rate do impact your body rhythms as well (including how your neurons fire). They also impact your brainwaves. You don’t have to touch the wires for your body to receive it. Electromagnetic fields are invisible and untouchable, but they are there.

Similar thing happens with the high-frequency fields. These are the new artificial signals, your body needs to learn how to cope with. Best case it will just spend some energy trying to understand what they are, worst case it will end up changing how you decode your genome. It is not about just thermal damage. It is about informational chaos your body suddenly needs to deal with, your bacteria (which constitute more of your body mass, than your body cells) have to deal with.

Our body has grown and evolved for 4 billion years with a completely different set of electromagnetic fields. First they were much, much weaker. Second, they came from the universe and earth (see Shumann frequencies). Natural fields, natural, because life evolved with them. Now imagine what happens when you introduce completely unnatural, a lot stronger signals. It will have an impact. Although our bodies have extreme coping mechanisms, they will start failing at some point.

While we are here it is also important to mention natural light. Sunlight. The visible spectrum, responsible for hormonal regulation and overall body regulation. Ultraviolet, responsible for production of melatonin for healthy sleep cycle, but also vitamin D3. And the infrared, from which we are being cut off completely today with the ‘energy-saving bulbs’, which is key to our body’s bio-regulation. All replaced by savagely harmful blue, artificial light. On top of this comes lightning after dark and sleeping with light, which does additional, tremendous harm to our body and it’s regulation. Effects and deterioration of body functions are long-term, so we don’t notice. We don’t care.

Then come all of the 20th century chemical factors. Metal vapours from cpu’s in laptops or other handheld/hand-used devices, fuming directly into our hands and being absorbed into the bloodstream. Next leftovers from industrial production of consumable goods, going through to rivers and ground, spreading around, accumulating in fish, travelling in dust clouds and rain clouds.

Oil-dependant products like tyre dust (causing melting of glaciers as well as health issues through inhalation), plastic packaging (being estrogen-like, causing multiple hormonal issues), paints, ‘new car smell’, cutlery and many more. We also need to think of all the medical products, being pumped into meat and plants alike. Making them nicer looking, better growing, but causing our bodies to slowly decay from well being. Like glyphosate. And other ‘inventions’ relating to ‘food industry’, making our food better and tastier. All these are new and all these, while accumulating our body have a tremendous negative effect on our health.

Last but not least come the confused bacteria and parasites, including the genetically/biologically engineered for better humanity (or to kill humanity). Not only superbugs, but also previously harmless bacteria, now going crazy and wrecking havoc into our bodies.

These other, definitely non-mainstream factors make you loose your zest. This is why you need to smoke more, eat more, drink more and you have to force yourself into training regimes and you fail if you don’t steel yourself. The only difference is I have not seen an advert saying – ‘eat less glyphosate, it will make you balance your weight’ (and by the way 90% of the food you consume contains glyphosate) or ‘resign from using fructose-glucose syrup, if you want to improve your brain function’ (syrup currently mainly made from GMO corn, in a very technology-heavy and polluting way). NO. This does not happen.

So maybe the next time start thinking on it when you feel like being pushed into guilt by drinking, smoking or eating. When you feel depressed or fat or you feel like your health starts failing. Maybe you will switch off fuses at home by night, throwing away new electric gadgets. Maybe you will being walking more in the sunlight, passing on that  that GMO corn (covered in glyphosate) and think on buying used stuff, to reduce production and pollution. Maybe you will start leaving pubs, where you will see ‘no smoking’ and ‘free wifi’ next to each other (wifi being a confirmed carcinogen and causing much more damage to your body’s regulation, cigarettes never will).

It happened with me and gave me the zest back. Gave me back the natural need for body and spirit  to heal, to change my unhealthy habits. All this without coaching or self-help books. Without steeling myself.

When you can get your zest back, the will to heal and change for better will come back natural.

Note – I am still on my way to proper level of vitality, long way to go, but now being propelled by my body, not working against it.

The chart in the picture for this post is coming from TH Tulchinsky MD MPH, Braun School Public Health.

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