We were being told of the sixth sense, we have made movies about it and most likely had moved all of the related science into the same bucket as magic. Snake oil. Now there is a pretty huge science standing behind a hypothesis, our body is much more than just chemistry.

Biologists have long been familiar with luminescence in organisms, where plants and animals produce visible light, but more intriguing perhaps is the newer field of study centred around biophotons, whereby cells in organisms produce photons, but in numbers that are too few to be seen. How they do so and why, is an area that has come under more scrutiny of late.

In the 1920s, the Russian embryologist Alexander Gurwitsch reported “ultraweak” photon emissions from living tissues in the UV-range of the spectrum. He named them “mitogenetic rays” because his experiments convinced him that they had a stimulating effect on cell division. […]

In the 1970s Fritz-Albert Popp and his research group at the University of Marburg (Germany) showed that the spectral distribution of the emission fell over a wide range of wavelengths, from 200 to 750 nm.[22] Popp proposed that the radiation might be both semi-periodic and coherent.[23]

This discovery is pretty important, given photones travel at the speed of light. The chemical impulses between neurons can travel at the speed of 1 mph to 268 mph. This gives reaction times in miliseconds. Now why this is troubling, is most of the chemical processes in the body happen almost instantly. Neurons seem to be communicating with each other using some other means, where biophotones seem to be the answer and chemical reactions only a result of the underlying self-regulation process based on photones.

Biophoton emission is a general phenomenon of living systems. It concerns a weak photon radiation from a few to some hundred photons per second, per square centimeter surface area, at least within the spectral region from 200 to 800 nm. The results indicate that biophoton emission can be assigned to a coherent field within living organisms, its functions being intra and intercellular regulation and communication. [link]

In recent years, a growing body of evidence shows that photons play an important role in the basic functioning of cells. It turns out, much to many people’s surprise, that many cells, perhaps even most, emit light as they work.

Recently, a growing body of evidence shows that UPE may play an important role in the basic functioning of living cells. Moreover, interesting evidences are beginning to emerge that UPE may well play an important role in neuronal functions. In fact, biophotons are byproducts in cellular metabolism and produce false signals (e.g., retinal discrete dark noise) but on the other side neurons contain many light sensitive molecules that makes it hard to imagine how they might not be influenced by UPE, and thus UPE may carry informational contents. [link]

Majid Rahnama at Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman in Iran, suggest how this might work. And they even go on to make a startling prediction about the role that photons might play in the way the brain works. To begin with, Rahnama and co point out that neurons contain many light sensitive molecules, such as porphyrin rings, flavinic, pyridinic rings, lipid chromophores and aromatic amino acids. In particular, mitochondria, the machines inside cells which produce energy, contain several prominent chromophores. The presence of light sensitive molecules makes it hard to imagine how they might not be not influenced by biophotons.

They go as far as suggesting quantum mechanics should be added to the field of medical and biological training. And go into in-depth explanations how this works.

This may create a variety of scientific conclusions, not to mention revolutionise how we generally look at human organism. I will concentrate of the 3 major factor I can name here:

  1. Sixth senses, gut feelings and similar, commonly known areas of so called ‘magic’
  2. Impact on regulation of the organism, while being in unhealthy or unnatural electromagnetic fields (where everyone needs to understand, light is just a form of em radiation)
  3. Information fields that surround us

Thinking of the first item. While sixth sense can be hardly explained scientifically, using just material, organic chemistry, it is completely different, when you look at light being the regulator of life. There are hundreds of signals, we can’t perceive consciously, but our cells can. Whether this is a feeling of not wanting to be in the same room with a particular person or having a bad feeling about something. If we look at the fact, our cells are able to read incoherent (sick) emissions from other living organisms, but also read the information propagated at the speed of light from them, this gives a solid scientific fact about at least some of these being true.

As for predictions, if we look at it from the quantum realm and assume biophotons can interfere with some unknown photons, like in this study (for everyone to know, for a single photon shot at a surface, we can only predict with a does of probability where it will land, they never land in the same place, thus concluding there is some information exchanged with photons from a different reality?):

For example, if one had a way of knowing (even in principle) which of the two paths a photon took in a Young’s double slit interferometer, one would not see any interference fringes. Knowing the path that a photon takes is equivalent to performing a measurement on the photon. As dictated by quantum mechanics, performing a measurement collapses the photon’s wave function, causing it to behave like a particle (a particle cannot interfere with itself). [link]

This is a very known factor in optics. Now if we apply this to biophoton-science, these photons are exposed to the same information as any other. We can’t 100% conclude this is how the ‘visions’ or ‘predictions’ would work, but the fact of existence of this situation, can’t be denied.

Going to the impact on the regulation of the organisms. There are studies, that confirm the biophoton emissions does change, once the cell is under heavy oxidative stress (lets call it stress, or the cell ‘misbehaving’ or simply being sick). Now this information can be caught in specialised equipment. So it is a fact. But we also know the cells can read the light information (being light-sensitive), based on this we can also stipulate, they are able to read any electromagnetic information (and in fact they do, as was mentioned in other articles in this blog).

This creates another level of understanding, why we get bad feelings while being in unnatural surroundings and we start feeling better, when relating to nature.

There are a growing number of studies and campaigns putting forward evidence that a connection with nature makes us healthier and happier people, something that few of us nature lovers would argue with.

But this also can be the key mechanism to explain the facts why white light with a lot of blue spectrum or generally speaking human-made EMF are harmful to us. In the end they negatively influence the information living organisms read from their surroundings. Our human cells and bacteria are smart and can still keep on trying to adjust, but they do get confused (what happens next can be found in this blog).

Seems like healthy bioregulation requires healthy biophotonic emissions. Or to go step further, natural, evolution-approved electromagnetic emissions (to digress here, this is now suggested as one of the reasons astronauts fail in health rapidly while in outer space, even if protected from harmful, ionising radiation).

This paper correlates ten years of selected clinical data, taken from patients suffering from PDS related acute and chronic post-traumatic medical conditions, to that of impacts on human neurophysiology found under typical Space mission constraints. Specifically, this paper focuses on the strong correlation between unmitigated symptoms associated with Space Adaptation Syndrome (SAS) and symptoms associated with Postural Deficiency Syndrome (PDS) that have been mitigated with biophotonic technology. This data provides strong evidence that biophotonic technology poses as a significant candidate for biomedicailtreatment and monitoring of astronauts in Space.

Which leads us to the last item related to informational fields that surround us. This field is not purely electromagnetic. Typical human is exposed to chemicals, natural em, artifical em and potentially others (if we want to keep on exploring the quantum factor, which I don’t in this article).

Among chemicals, we have human-made Volatile Organic and Non-Organic Compounds (like paints, furniture smell, metal and gas residue), then nature-made VOC’s, among them mRNA, feromones and multiple other compounds. And obviously all the rest, including air.

The next level would be any man-made or natural electromagnetic radiation and any other form of radiation we currently either can’t measure or can’t measure cheaply (where example would be gravitation and all the different bozons).

This is all information, because exposure to them, creates a reaction in our bodies and other living organisms, while we are exposed to them.

It is imperative to understand, especially in medical science (a training in signalling theories and feedback loops would be really useful to medical doctors), because we can’t just neglect it. Today we treat our body as one big chemical soup with some additional complications. The problem is, in many cases it won’t be the body that is causing the problems.

We even have evidence our brains react to other people’s brainwaves (this is still EM though :))!

New research suggests the roots of friendship extend even deeper than previously suspected. Scientists have found that the brains of close friends respond in remarkably similar ways as they view a series of short videos: the same ebbs and swells of attention and distraction, the same peaking of reward processing here, boredom alerts there.

The information field and modulation of that field can bring you closer to health, rather than trying to stuff yourself with the next diet or multiple chemicals, that are always reactive. Biophotons are probably the key factor, but are definitely not the only ones out there.

For today just remember, there is more to being a living organism, than is set by your physical boundaries and there is a lot of significant, scientific evidence to support this.

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