The picture listed in the beginning of the article concentrates on the brain. Most of us still believe that autism is an illness mainly related to brain function. This is one of the misconceptions that follows multiple people with autism.

It is a fact that most of our high-level functions are located in the brain. But less is known about the fact, that we have nerve cells everywhere and that we are connected to the outside world through electromagnetic, biological information field. Like biophotons and Schumann frequencies.

It is well established that 6 illnesses have the same underlying causes and respond to similar treatment strategies and can be commonly grouped to autism spectrum:

  • Vanilla Autism
  • Asperger’s
  • Allergies
  • Atopic skin diseases
  • Asthma
  • ADHD
  • seizure Disorders

Most of the autism disorders is linked with inability of the body to deal with toxins, bacteria and parasites. Environmental and genetic factors seem to determine how a child adapts to the toxic burden and which one of these illnesses develops.

The below are usually observed in a person suffering from any of the illnesses from the autism spectrum:

  • Blocked “mirror-neurons” in frontal cortex (inability to respond to mom’s feelings, love, gaze, smile)
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Increased size of frontal lobe and white matter
  • Cerebellar atrophy (reduced number of Purkinje cells)
  • Increased “neuronal packing” in cortex
  • Cytoarchitectural changes in subcortical structures
  • Micro-and astroglia activation with leaky blood brain barrier
  • Altered glutamate receptors
  • Hippocampal damage
  • Autoimmunity (ethyl-mercury induced)
  • Elevation of inflammatory cytokines in brain and CSF: MCP-1, IFNgamma
  • IgA deficiency and increased IgE
  • Lymphopenia
  • T-cell abnormalities
  • Abnormal NK cell function
  • Anti-Myelin Basic Protein Antibodies 70% (Singh 1998)
  • Anti-Neuron-Axon Filament Protein Antibodies 57%

These markers, shift the illness from ‘psychological’ spectrum to curable, biological spectrum. This is important to remember for parents of autistic children. The issues are not coming from unknown, idiopathic factors. They are identifiable and curable.

The sensitivity factor can’t be overlooked. In a sense ‘crystal children’ are a fact. Though this is coming at a great cost to their bodies. Yes they have a tendency to telepathy (just to note, there are peer reviewed studies, that show, you can transfer your own brainwave pattern to someone else brain), they have what is called ‘huge energy field’ (more about it further down), they can feel more on energetic level, but have trouble processing the information in the physical body (function of tubulin) and last but not least, as the most sensitive in the family tree, they receive most of the family traumas.

The huge energetic field can be linked to another mechanism, involving biophotons. Mr Popp, the leading, well established scientist, have deducted that the biophoton-field, surrounding the physical body is the central regulating agency of all metabolic processes. The signals are received and transmitted via extra-and intra-cellular tubulin microfilaments.

Tubulin is a critical, light-sensitive material, that is critical for inter-cellular activities and DNA replication. Exposure to minimal dosages of mercury, blocks the properties of tubulin.

These results show MeHg in vitro to be a potent microtubule assembly inhibitor at ratios stoichiometric with the tubulin dimer. The presence of binding sites (free sulfhydryl groups) on the microtubule surface suggests multiple classes of binding sites for MeHg.

This just means, mercury prevents tubulin from working properly. It also shows that there are multiple places methylated mercury (or in other words, naturally occurring mercury).

In the past, methylmercury was produced directly and indirectly as part of several industrial processes such as the manufacture of acetaldehyde. Currently there are few anthropogenic sources of methylmercury pollution in the United States other than as an indirect consequence of the burning of wastes containing inorganic mercury and from the burning of fossil fuels, particularly coal. Although inorganic mercury is only a trace constituent of such fuels, their large scale combustion in utility and commercial/industrial boilers in the United States alone results in release of some 80.2 tons (73 tonnes) of elemental mercury to the atmosphere each year, out of total anthropogenic mercury emissions in the United States of 158 tons (144 tonnes)/year.

To add – we also get methyl-mercury from dental amalgams vapour and our mother at birth (mother’s body ‘dumps’ toxic loads through placenta). There is enough to poison us all.

The fact that the communication within biophoton-field is not working, leads to a particular result. The body is not able to coordinate it’s ‘defences’ and allows for localised increased of bad microbes. This is where bacteria can thrive and will continue to thrive until the area is cleared of mercury and other toxins (to add – toxins accumulate, where biophotons are dispersed, as it is convenient for the microbes to increase toxicity).

The other fact to remember is, that EMF  is responsible for blocking most of our body electric and chemical level regulation. This adds additional disruptive factor. If our body was already intoxicated before birth (or with vaccines holding thimerosal, that crossed blood-brain barrier, if we were immunised before we were 1 year old), then we immediately get into EMF fields, our bodies may never be able to recover. We also need to remember about the constant, environmental intake of the toxic methyl-mercury.

To unwind the effects of mercury intoxication, if you ever want to make your child healthy again, you need to follow the order:

  • resolve EMF issues (this includes radio waves, low frequency fields from power, ‘dirty electricity’, wrong lighting and over-lighting at night)
  • start detoxification protocols, addressing mercury issues
  • limit the amount of pathogenic microbes
  • resolve energetic body issues (tai-chi, acupuncture)
  • Hellinger systemic family therapy system – known to trigger mercury detox, once the issues from the family field are resolved

Some psychological work may help, but people, who were detoxed, have a tendency to re-gain zest, motivation and energy. They are able to deal and resolve issues that bother them on their own.


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