If you have never heard of pyrrole disorder or kryptopyrroluria or KPU, you are not alone. Highly likely, even your doctor never heard of it. Why? Pyrrole disorder, is an illness , which started being diagnosed relatively not so long ago. Before it is taught in the general medical school, some time may yet pass. The interesting part is. It was discovered among schizophrenics and even people with violent tendencies. And these were successfully cured with anti-excessive-pyrrole protocols. This is how it got into more mainstream science.

What is KPU?

It’s an epigenetic factor (genes are methylated, or activated due to changing environment. To sidestep for a sec. Not all of our genome is active all the time. The process of activating genes is called methylation. So it is quite likely your genome expression will change, when you change or your surrounding changes), that leads to a negative impact on the human metabolism. It is well recognised by orthomolecular medicine. People who are autistic, alcoholic, schizophrenic, depressed or have ADD, can be affected. Some sources say it can be up to 10% of general population. People with these life’s challenges, are rarely screened for KPU.

But not only them. The scary thing is, anyone can be in the risk group. KPU screening is not part of any standard medical test. The list of symptoms is non-specific. Theoretically, if you have them and they worry you, it is worth get a urine screening for kryptopyrroles.

To my vegetarian friends, just wanted to list, that this illness may also cause issues in digesting proteins. Effectively, the person might start avoiding them.

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, is of the opinion, people who have Alzheimer, Lyme or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, should definitely take a look into KPU screening tests. According to his clinical experience, treating chronically ill patients, up to 80% of them all might be suffering of pyrrole disorder.

The screening test is a simple urine test. The challenge is to get proper sample quickly to the lab. Pyrroles are very light and heat-sensitive. You need to get it into the lab relatively quickly and best without exposing the sample to elements or any light. Second challenge are laboratories, that are not properly prepared to test the samples and the results might not be accurate. To find the best ones, one can go to forums.

Moving to be a bit more specific, on how this damages your organism.

Pyrroles are a sub-product of your blood red cells synthesis. They are usually filtered out with urine. If you get into disorder, they are held up into the body, increasing toxicity. They also bind with other nutrients and vitamins. Especially B6 and zinc. This decreases the bio-availability of both.

Zinc and B6 vitamin, are critical to such bodily functions as digestion, killing bugs and maintaining your autonomous nervous system. Zinc deficiency also results in body looking for substitutes. The substitutes are other waste elements, available in abundance in the modern environment. These are metals like mercury, led and aluminium. This binds these metals in the body, creating cascading effect of further deficiencies. One of the supposed one is an increased sensitivity to emf, and further degradation and intoxication if this new factor is not addressed.

People with pyrrole disorder, should also increase the intake of animal-based fats. Especially omega-6, arachidonic acid (meat-based, abundant in any tissues) and GLA. This combination of acids helps flushing the body of the toxins, that pile up extensively on top of the pyrrole problem.

The good news.

The good news is, KPU is easily managed, as long as you keep your supplementation routine. You need to increase zinc and B6 intake and absorption. There are protocols, fairly easy to manage. Only vegetarians or vegans may face a big challenge in improving their condition. It is possible, but some of the processes won’t work properly without even trace amounts of animal proteins.

A strong detox reaction is expected within the first few weeks of starting the protocol. The support is there and beset to follow strong-toxin-absorbing supplements, like chlorella or microsilica. To release the burden, liver compression technique may also be applied.

Once you are on the protocol, better not to stop, when feeling better. There are ways to move out of it completely, but I will write on it in further episodes.

Some interesting studies on the topic (to be looked up offline I am afraid):

  • The Relationship Between an Unknown Factor (US) in the Urine of Subjects and HOD Test Results. J Neuropsychiatry 2:363-368, 1961. (by Abram Hoffer MD, PhD & Humphry Osmond, M.D.)
  • Biochemical relationship between kryptopyrrole (mauve factor and trans-3-methyl-2-hexenoic acid schizophrenia odor). Res Commun Chem Pathol Pharmacol 1973 (by Carl Pfeiffer MD, PhD, et al.)
  • Urinary Pyrrole (Mauve Factor): Metric for Oxidative Stress in Behavioral Disorders, presented to the Linus Pauling Institute, 2003 (by Woody R. McGinnis MD)

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