Water plays a very important role in our lives. At the same time I would like to avoid cliches like ‘we are made of water’. We can as well as keep on saying we are made of atoms or mainly from empty space. Each simplification model creates a whole lot of misunderstandings. This simplification creates illusions, that you can re-create human body by using salinated water bags, potentially with some gelatin thrown in for the effect (like homogeneous human phantom model, used to justify thermal effects of EMF). Human body is made of multiple, complex biochemical compounds. Water is required and is one of the more abundant components, but it would not make me say ‘I am made of water’. I am more likely to say ‘I am made of my dads sperm’. This simplification would probably upset my mother though.

My interest in hydration was spun by the articles on the internet, saying you should not have plenty of water, while training, just simply drink, if you are thirsty. Death of too much water is a bigger risk than dehydrating yourself or suffering from a heat-exertion shock.

Now we all had heard the myth of drinking ‘plenty of water’, at least 6-8 glasses a day. To quote: The actual notion of 8 glasses a day originates from a 1945 US Food and Nutrition Board which recommended 2.5 litres of daily water intake. But what is generally forgotten from this recommendation is, firstly, that it was not based on any research and that secondly the recommendation stated that most of the water intake could come from food sources.

So what we should actually think about hydration. Should I worry about it, or should I not. Where is the correct approach? The answer is not simple.

In one of the studies about Lyme disease, I have found that the bacteria can actually make your body to pee more. Mixed together with an increase in thirst, this leads to hyponatremia, or in other words serum sodium level below 135 mEq/L (not good). If you have brain fogs, while drinking a lot and peeing a lot, this means the SIADH, might have already gotten you. Your high water intake is then coming from the fact, the bacteria want to keep your body in imbalance, preventing the treatment.

If you look at ‘drinking plenty of water’ from this perspective, you are following your ‘natural’ thirst for water, while hydrating yourself to death for the benefit of borrelia burgorfredi.

Is staying slightly dehydrated better for you then? On the fun part – yes. Especially if you are in recovery period from a disease, or are suffering from a major degenerative disease in its early stages (where you are not aware of it yet, well 🙂 ). The high salt concentration kills large parasites by osmotically induced dehydration (osmotic shock – example of the study on roundworms). High salt levels also increase the enzyme elastase which has a strong anti-microbial/anti-spirochete effect (see example here).

In all these cases, there will be a constant fight between not killing yourself by not drinking/eating and killing yourself by over-hydrating (where hydration is driven by unnatural needs). So what are correct and healthy hydration needs?

If you ask me – they don’t exist. On one hand you need water to be able to perform multiple biochemical functions in your body, as well as bio-photonic and electrical functions. On the other hand, I do not believe there are too many healthy people left in the world, who could be used to set ‘ proper standard’.

What I would definitely avoid is to follow any advice given by external sources, as ‘absolute truths’. What I would definitely suggest is to increase your intake of salts, rather than just water! And don’t just go flat with what your body says, read and educate.

To end this article, I have added this guy. He is talking about mineral deficiency, but in the end it is about proper hydration (pH on the high side for anti-bacterial properties, while still hydrating):


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