We no longer need anything from each other. We are so proud of our countries development and the fact, we can be self-sustainable as human, independent ‘units’. We have even made this into ‘happiness’ marketing. No sorrow, no problem, no dependency, are the major factors in establishing, whether you have met your life’s ‘success’, whether you are ‘happy’. Or rather … Whether you should be ‘successful and happy’.

At the same time we are paying the price of being independent by having less and less human contact. Click of a button in your mobile to buy things, self-checkout at the nearest store, automatic cars and countless messaging applications would be just a few examples. Examples, where need for human contact was replaced with a protective technological surrogate or been completely removed.

I was always asking myself, what do we need it for and at the same time suffered from the same comforting inventions. Is it something that plays on my fears and it is actually better to have less human contact? Is it a kind of a disease, we have yet not found the root cause to understand? Is it actually an improvement?

Our society has changed so much, yet we can still barely understand how our bodies work. One of my biggest discoveries over the last few years was about the bacteria. If they can outnumber our ‘own’ cells by 10 to 1, who is then the actual living organism? Is our body just a sophisticated breeding ground?

That the bacterial dysbiosis can wreak havoc into our ‘well-being’ should be now taken  rather as a fact, than as a myth. Fecal transplantation is becoming a fact in curing people with severe gut disorders. This study points at bacteria being a major factor in producing B12 within the host organism, without a specific external intake (although rare, still possible). Separately another study suggests people more prone to being depressed, are missing certain strains of bacteria.

This pushes the limit of understanding of what human consciousness is and how we should approach loneliness. Not having the need to be next to other humans is somehow connected to our bacteria not willing to be next to other people. Can there be other factors?

Right now there are multiple studies being published, showing people distancing themselves and not being able to grow adult emotional reactions, while they are overusing social media (like the ones listed in Forbes). What if it is less about social media, but more about the fact to use social media, you actually need to use devices, that are using electricity and in a bigger or smaller amount, produce electromagnetic radiation? Here is a study showing disruption in growth patterns of skin bacteria when exposed to EMF. Can they do the same to gut flora? Yes!

By now my analysis was close to a conclusion, there must be some sort of a link. But how human behaviour could be modified by affecting his gut flora? You know, brain controls the mood and needs of the soul. Na-ha. It is becoming more and more prevalent, that the gut have more impact on your mood than anything else. Now imagine if you link the three together – your need for loneliness and lack of human contact, the fact that you have more bacteria than your own human cells, that you can damage your bioflora by using your mobile and then by damaging it, you can actually land up in a ‘I don’t need other humans mood’.

In the wrap up. At this point the loneliness becomes something more of a negative result of the civilisational advancement, rather than a factor in the positive worlds development. Is it bad and unnatural? Yes it is, unless on a very few occasions, where people really want to be left alone. What can you do about it? Start thinking on your gut bacteria and follow what she says:

*Note: by what they prioritise, through making human contact important, they also spend less time in social media and thus are less exposed to EMF.

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